this is Mostefa Sheikhi.
birthday is December 9th.
music enthusiast.
I tend to look at the brighter side.
I love being inspired and motivated.
I love creating: films, music, you name it.
TSSF is my all time favorite band.
I sure do follow back.
if you're reading this, and you have something you have to tell me that you've been keeping in, tell me.

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i think seventh grade was a dark time for everyone

2014 / 7 / 25 | 330097 notes


I wanna waste my summer nights with you.

2014 / 7 / 25 | 9352 notes


i kind of just want to disappear for awhile. just get rid of everything. snapchat, facebook, instagram, my phone… barely even want my tumblr. i dont want it anymore. i dont care anymore. i just want freedom from reality.

2014 / 7 / 25 | 12 notes